Spreader Bromma Flippers EH5, EH12, EH170 EH 180 (new)


The Bromma Flippers EH Series: EH5, EH12, EH170, and the latest addition, EH180 (new). Designed for efficient container handling, these spreader flippers boast unparalleled versatility and durability. Engineered by Bromma, a leader in container handling solutions, each model in the EH series guarantees seamless operations and increased productivity. With their precision engineering and robust construction, the Bromma Flippers EH Series ensures optimal performance in various port environments. Elevate your container handling efficiency with Bromma Flippers EH Series.

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Elevate your container handling capabilities with the Bromma Flippers EH Series, comprising EH5, EH12, EH170 or EH180. Designed with meticulous attention to detail and built to withstand the rigorous demands of port and terminal operations, these spreader flippers redefine efficiency and reliability in container handling. Crafted from high-quality materials and featuring advanced engineering, they ensure seamless integration with various container handling equipment, from ship-to-shore cranes to yard cranes.

The Bromma Flippers EH Series offers a range of models to suit diverse operational requirements. Whether you’re managing smaller container vessels or handling large-scale cargo ships, there’s a model perfectly tailored to your needs. From the compact EH5 to the heavy-duty EH180, each variant delivers exceptional performance, enabling smoother container transfers and optimized workflow.

With an emphasis on durability and performance, the Bromma Flippers EH Series is engineered to minimize maintenance requirements and maximize uptime. Their robust construction and innovative design mitigate wear and tear, reducing the risk of operational disruptions and ensuring continuous productivity. Moreover, these flippers are equipped with advanced safety features to prioritize the well-being of personnel and prevent accidents in the workplace.

Investing in the Bromma Flippers EH Series means investing in the future of your container handling operations. Experience unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and versatility with these cutting-edge spreader flippers. Enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow with the industry-leading solution trusted by ports and terminals worldwide. Choose Bromma Flippers EH Series and unlock new levels of performance and profitability in your container handling operations.”

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